Get Our Short Guide To Three Universal, Highly Researched and Now 97% Effective Principles For Rapid and Sustained Weight Loss pure proactive stop dieting this is better
Get Our Short Guide To Three Universal,
 Highly Researched and Now 97% Effective
 Principles For Rapid and Sustained Weight Loss.

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bill meyers pure proactive "My patients have raved about their results. I have watched PCOS symptoms vanish and others become pregnant. Weight loss is just an added bonus to the renewed state of health."

Dr Bill Meyer M.D.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cholesterol
  • Digestion (IBS, Acid Reflux)
  • Headaches
  • Fertility
  • PCOS
  • Allergies
  • Acid Reflux


paul schaller pure proactive "Ironically I was an unhealthy president of a billing and management company for over 3,000 health clubs. Then I dropped 53lbs and brought this program to my employees."

Paul Schaller President

  • 38% Reduction In Health Risks
  • Employees Avg. 25.6 lbs Fat Loss
  • Reduction Of 2.3 Medications

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irene rubinsky pure proactive "I was teaching ten high intensity classes per week and was 62lbs over weight. This program guided me and our members to all the things that were sabotaging our results. I'm now down 65 lbs and feel amazing."

Irene Rubinsky Dance/Group Exercise Director


We boast a 97% success rate with over 90% of our clients. These clients report sustainable results ten to twelve months later. These statistics did not come easy but rather as a result of 13 years of hard work, research and an eye-opening pilot program on getting results that stick.


I am a Chiropractor who for the past 13 years has intertwined my practice into the health club and personal training business. I have owned over 30 chiropractic offices inside health clubs and as a result have been able to help tons of people get healthier, lose weight and get out of pain. There was only one problem. Results did't last or the patient hit a plateau and never really crossed the finish line. This caused me to gather my team and conduct a pilot program aimed at uncovering what was causing this problem.


My pilot program took 4 years and in the winter of 2010 my current program was born. Twenty eight patients lost and average of 16.4 pounds in 28 days. We did before and after biometric testing to make sure they were only losing fat and to our suprise they did. Weight loss was not the most exciting part of the first study. Clients reported better sleep, renewed energy and most important their other common issues were dissapearing like hypertension/cholesterol, allergies, sinus, acid reflux, IBS, PCOS, normal menses, lowered anxiety, insomnia etc... We piloted it one more time with another group and it was then that we knew we had done it!!!


Our program is not a product, it's a lifestyle. There is nothing left to chance. It's personally coached. You only need to give us one day. Your immediate success will drive motivation and consistancy. It's our job to make it so you are seeing results and you can stick to the plan.


If our program doesn't meet your expectations we will refund your money no questions asked. Our one week risk free trial is designed to erase the memory of your previous failures and wasted money. This experience and education will save yout time and money. I want the kids (my boys) you see in the picture below to be proud to say their dad spent his life enhancing others experience on this earth. I don't want to paint the wrong picture. I'm not a Jack La Lane or Richard Simmons crusdaer. I live by the eighty/ twenty rule. I try like everyone else each day to strike a balance between work and play, food and fun. Join our family and we can all help eachother.

But there was another problem. It would be expensive to provide this program to our patients. It was a chance suggestion from one of our patients that changed our direction forever.

Meet Dr. William Ferro

Everyday our clients from all over the world are naturally reducing fat, medications, pain and fatigue from their life forever.

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